What is Bitcoin?

  • Like Paypal, Bitcoin is sent over the Internet.
  • You own your Bitcoin, nobody else!
  • Install an App to create a Bitcoin wallet
  • You can convert your Bitcoin to Dollars or Euros
  • Spend Bitcoin in shops!

Why do we use Bitcoin?

We use Bitcoin because it allows us to offer full transparency of our advertisement income. It is important that you trust us when we pay you out and that there is a full audit trail of every financial transaction.

By using Bitcoin, advertisers are able to put their ads directly on our website without going through intermediaries. It allows us to set our own prices and cut out middlemen who want a cut of the income. By doing this, we have created a business model which allows us to share advertising income between our users, content creators and ourselves.

Why do we use Bitcoin SV in particular?

Bitcoin SV adheres to the original design of Bitcoin. Its developers want to keep Bitcoin stable and will not make changes to how Bitcoin works, now and in the future. This is very important to us since we want to offer our users a smooth experience which is not prone to changes. We also do not want our development efforts to go wasted by creating an external dependency.

Last but not least, sending transactions on the Bitcoin SV network is incredibly cheap, this means that even if you only earned a few cents we are able to pay you out every month.

If you prefer another cryptocurrency, you are able to exchange your Bitcoin SV to another currency on exchanges.