Monday, November 30, 2020
About Us

About UsLydianz

There are many blogs on the internet, but we feel ours is unique.

The Lydianz platform is powered by a small team of content creators, music lovers, and technology experts.Our unique tastes and look at life shine through the articles and music we are sharing with you.

Who is #L?
Creator of Cool, curator of content and vibes with a passion for music. #L has the unique ability to turn new technologies into profitable ventures aimed at today's generation. While traveling the world, #L is convinced that education is an ongoing process which helps to improve the lives of many. Her goal is to educate and provoke thoughts through a unique blend of entertainment, education, and music.

Who is Apoc?
Technical genius, takes care of the payout system with the capability to create great infrastructures , his unique view on content gives a great blend. Error warrior, when Apoc is in the battlefield he hold his weapons high until he eliminates. He is always looking to preform better which makes Apoc’s special power resolving issues.

We believe that work should always be rewarded and that success should be shared.
Our mission is to educate our visitors, promote healthy lifestyles and entertain with curated music.

We hope that with our unique advertisement technology and our revenue sharing model we create a win-win-win environment for advertisers, our visitors and the Lydianz platform.

Joins us on our journey and to a new you.